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Padma Hospital is located in Miyapur (Plot No:312, Mayuri Nagar).This Location is well located in between Nizampet and Miyapur. It is a 35 bedded hospital with in house Pharmacy and all the essential diagnostic services.

We at PADMA HOSPITAL [Laser Interventions]®, are committed to provide all with high quality, personalized medical care with most updated cutting edge technologies available till today. We evaluate and upgrade our services at regular intervals. We invest in technology, so that patients receive the best treatment for their needs.  Our hospital specializes in providing some exclusive Laser procedures to patients.  Get in touch with us to learn more and schedule your appointment.


Equipped with 1432 nm diode laser machine, fractional co2 laser machine and Q-Switch Nd Yag laser machine , with an array of all attachments to the laser machines, all types of laser procedures seamlessly done at PADMA HOSPITAL [Laser interventions ] purely as day care procedures.

Our Doctors

Dr.Ramesh Kumar Pitchika is an ENT Specialist & Facial Plastic Surgeon and interventional laser surgeon with vast experience in his field having worked within India and abroad for over 12 years. A graduate of Andhra medical college, Visakhapapatnam, he completed his Post Graduation in ENT from the same college before moving to UK for higher studies.In UK, he worked in various prestigious institutes like Royal National ENT Hospital, Haroldwood Hospital & Chasefarm Hospitals. Not only in ENT, he has further expanded his field in to Facial Plastic Surgery and interventional laser surgeries. Gained experience in various Facial Plastic Surgeries and Laser procedures.

Dr. Ramesh Kumar has a special interest in Paediatric ENT, sinus disorders ,snoring and allergies. He provides comprehensive treatments for earpain. Ear discharge, deafness, blocked nose, runny nose, sorethroats, difficulty in swallowing, voice change and breathing difficulties.

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Dr. Padma Kiran Pannem is a Practising, Gynaecologist and Coloproctologist. She has vast experience in her field having worked within India & abroad for over 10 years. A graduate of Guntur medical college, she completed her post graduation in Gynaecology and obstetrics from Andhra Medical College before moving to UK for higher studies. Her reputation precedes her when it comes to providing the highest standard of clinical care-be it medical or surgical management of gynaecological issues and coloproctology conditions.

She developed special interest in the field of coloproctology abroad and worked in NHS teaching hospitals for 2 years with research work in application of lasers for the treatment of piles, fissures and fistulas.

Dr. Padma Kiran is passionate about keeping upto date with the latest medical and surgical advancements and her areas of expertise include minimally invasive gynaecological surgeries, laparoscopic surgeries and management of all the routine obstetric and gynaecological cases and coloproctology procedures.

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Patient Testimonials

  • It was the amazing experience. Dr. Ramesh is a very nice doctor. His expertise speaks the results. I have been suffering from Varicose veins and have gone through the multiple treatments. It was so annoying and horrible pain. One of the family members suggested he is an expert in treating Varicose veins with LASER and then I visited his clinic. The best decision I ever made. He treated me in a shorter time and finally got relieved from varicose veins.
    Rajesh K
  • Varicose veins give severe pain to legs. I have suffered a lot with this pain. I felt like the world is going to end. I have heard that there is no permanent cure and needs surgery. But thanks to Dr. Ramesh for proving that those are false statements. Without any surgery, he treated with LASER. He explained me so well. He confidently said getting admitted to the hospital is not even necessary. Hospital is well maintained. Great Doctor 🙂 ..!!
    Manohari Joshi
  • I have these acne, spots and pigmentation issue all over my face. I have tried several home remedies and used branded creams which gave me no result. Dr. Ramesh’s Laser procedure made my skin alive. It was clean and clear. Treatment price was not too costly. No surgery, no pain, the problem got resolved.
  • I have a fair complexion. My face looks very glowing and used to have that wow look on my face. Gradually, those imperfections made my skin so dull and complications lead to severe damage to my skin. I afraid of LASER treatment also. But I am very much satisfied with the treatment of laser cosmetic procedures by Dr. Ramesh. He has a lot of patience. He clearly analyzed and treated to see the best results. My skin is back to me. I am loving it. Nice, it is.
  • These tonsils infection is just a nightmare. It causes severe pain and I was unable to even eat properly. First time I came to know it can be treated without surgery. Dr. Ramesh is very nice. He diagnosed the problem, under his treatment within just a few days, it got normal. I strongly recommend someone to visit him. Staff was very friendly. He charged less for the treatment. I am totally satisfied. Thank you, Doctor 🙂
    Ankush. A

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