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Padma Hospital is located in Miyapur (Plot No:312, Mayuri Nagar).This Location is well located in between Nizampet and Miyapur. It is a 35 bedded hospital with in house Pharmacy and all the essential diagnostic services.

We at PADMA HOSPITAL [Laser Interventions]®, are committed to provide all with high quality, personalized medical care with most updated cutting edge technologies available till today. We evaluate and upgrade our services at regular intervals. We invest in technology, so that patients receive the best treatment for their needs.  Our hospital specializes in providing some exclusive Laser procedures to patients.  Get in touch with us to learn more and schedule your appointment.


Equipped with 1432 nm diode laser machine, fractional co2 laser machine and Q-Switch Nd Yag laser machine , with an array of all attachments to the laser machines, all types of laser procedures seamlessly done at PADMA HOSPITAL [Laser interventions ] purely as day care procedures.

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Our Hospital has tie up with all major health insurance providers. Reimbursement claims are also entertained.

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