Laser ENT Care

Laser Ent Care

We give best treatment for sinus care, middle ear surgeries, snoring problems Whatever your ENT problems are, we give you the best possible treatment. We offer permanent solutions with right medication or surgery. Quality care with result oriented treatment is our promise. Laser Ent Care

Pediatric Laser ENT Care

Children  need special attention and extra care when we treat them. If your child suffers with any ENT problems, consult our children ENT specialist at the earliest for the quality care and treatment. We are highly experienced and specialized in tackling children ENT problems with right medications.

Adult Laser ENT Care Services:

Snoring, hearing problems, voice changes,  sinus related problems and allergy diseases are common in ENT practice. These problems make patient’s life misurable.

They reduce one’s quality of life. We at padma hospital, laser interventions, offer you best of the best treatment modalities,

If you have ENT problems, consult our qualified ENT Specialist Doctor today.

Dr. Ramesh Pitchika is qualified and experienced ENT surgeon practicing at Padma Hospital in Miyapur, Hyderabad. He is well recognized as Laser ENT surgeon and familiar with his advanced laser procedures. His vast years of experience and result oriented treatment, made him pioneer in his field of practice.

Ear, Nose & Throat are sensitive organs and any problem with these organs would lead to quick infections and severe pain. If any problem raised then it has to be treated at the earliest as possible to avoid any further complications.  Unfortunately, many people think and worry that it would be lengthy, painful, surgical or cut process would be involved in ENT treatment. Fortunately, It’s not! Most advanced laser treatment for ENT  is now available at Padma Hospital. LASER for ENT gives highly precise and non-surgical procedures which quicken the patient healing process. The success rate is high, less painful and safer. Don’t suffer in silence. ENT problems are so painful and that could be easily treated with LASER treatment.

Ears:  We have the best and result from oriented treatment solutions for Ear pain & infection, middle ear problems, pediatric ear problem, voice & hearing problem and vertigo problems. Also, Dr. Ramesh Pitchika is specialized in Laser surgery and procedures for Ear problems because of which the pain can be minimized without any cut.

Nose:  Whether it might be nose injury, sinus problem, the breathing problem or problem related to nose; it can be treated with care and concern with most advanced procedures.

Throat: Infection in the throat,  tonsils problem, Voice problem or problem related to the throat can be treated.

Sinus: Sinus problem cause lot of inconvenience, severe pain over sinus region and leads to a terrible headache. If sinus becomes severe then it would be intolerable by the person suffering from it. Dr. Ramesh Pitchika is specialized in sinus treatment.

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