STRESS URINARY INCONTINENCE is commonly found problem among women. More than 30% of women over the age of 60 years suffer from urinary incontinence.It is caused by damage to pelvic support structurs due to child birth. Stress incontinence is often seen in women who have had more than one pregnancy and vaginal delivery. This results in leakage of small amounts of urine with activities like coughing, sneezing, lifting etc.

the loss of collagen fibres’ firmness leads to structural changes in the vaginal wall and urethral area,this phenomenon can cause reduction of sexual  in addition to stress urinary incontinence at different severity levels.

It is likely that the true number of people affected is much higher. Many people do not tell their doctor about their incontinence. One feels embarassed , isolated and limit their work and social life, especially exercise and leisure activities. Some people wrongly think that incontinence is a normal part of ageing or that it can not be treated. This is unfortunate, as many cases can be successfully treated or significantly improved.

FEMILIFT  , a Non invasive laser treatment my correct mild to moderate degree of STRESS URINARY INCONTINENCE.

Similarly the natural process of child birth and ageing can result in damage to the vaginal walls and muscles all around the vaginal, urethral and rectal tubes and make the vaginal opening widely open. This results in relaxed vaginal canal [vaginal relaxation]and vaginal prolapse [ cystocele,rectocele and uterine descent.]

Women who experience these problems often report:

Recurrent vaginal infections,itching and discomfort due to friction with under garments and wetness.
Feeling too loose, feeling stretched out, not being able to feel their partner inside them
Not having enough friction or sensation during sexual activity.
Having a difficult time achieving orgasm during intercourse (which may or may not be related to vaginal relaxation)
These women want a solution to rejuvenate and tighten the vagina and achieve improved sexual function. Even women with no children can experience these problems because of aging, hormonal issues, history of smoking, and weight gain or weight loss.

“Femilift” is the only Non-invasive Laser treatment available to correct this mild to moderate degree of laxity.

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